Bracing is a therapy option that gives much needed support to joints that have become uneven or unstable due to an injury, illness or chronic condition.

At Vcare Physio & Rehab, we know that your wellbeing is affected when braces are uncomfortable or do not fit you properly. Our Trained Practitioner will provide information about the use of your brace and we make sure that the fit is customized to your body.

Benefits of using the Braces
Those who use a well fitted brace often feel a reduction of pain, discomfort and problems in the injured area.
joint alignment and load distribution. Braces help to shift and share the weight load from the affected part of the joint to the unaffected part. This helps in removing pressure on the affected joint area.

Through the process of joint alignment, abnormal movement and pain are reduced and normal function begins to be restored.

With high quality custom braces and proper measurement, you will receive optimal results.


How long do I have to wear a brace for?

Wearing a brace is an enhancement to your treatment. You should be wearing it as instructed by the clinic practitioner during your rehabilitation program. Afterwards, you can wear it for your maintenance as and when needed.

Are braces safe to clean on a washer and dryer?

We recommend washing by hand and let them dry after 12-24 of wear. Using a machine may affect the structure of the stays.

Are there any age restrictions to wear a brace?

Our braces are safe to wear by people of all ages including children and seniors.

Are braces covered by health insurance plans?

Although every health insurance plan is different, most health benefits cover one orthopedic braces per body part per year. If you are unsure about your coverage, our office administrator can help you determine what you are covered for with your health benefits.

Can a brace make me feel better immediately?

It will take some time to get relief and as you adapt to the brace. With proper use you will notice reduced discomfort and you’ll start to feel better.

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