Custom Made Orthotics to Restore Mobility & Function
Orthotics are used to treat conditions caused by injury or disease and can be applied to restore mobility or functionality in the spine and extremities. They are inserts that go into the shoes. Orthotics are molded to the exact shape of the patient’s foot when they are non-weight bearing. The purpose of a non-weight baring mold is to get the arch at optimal position before it has a chance to drop. That is the way we know that the orthotics are going to cushion and support the arch properly. We can customize the orthotics features such as size, cushioning, top coat, and bottom soles. They are constructed from a variety of materials, including thermoplastics or metal, carbon fiber, fabric, elastic, or a combination of materials.

Orthotics For Diabetes Patients
Patients with advanced form of diabetes can lose sensation in their toes and bottom of their feet, and they are prone to develop ulcers. The diabetic custom orthotic is designed thinking about patients who have sensation issues in their feet.  The diabetic orthotic provides high levels of protection. It helps prevent blisters, wounds, and ulcers. it flexible, highly cushioned, and provides a lot of stability.

Orthotics for dress and casuals
This orthotics are for individuals who wear tighter shoes and do not experience a lot of impact throughout the day. This orthotics features a slim design that properly fits in dress shoes avoiding any tightness. They are recommended for men dress shoes and wider women dress shoes.
one of the most popular customizations for these kinds of orthoticsare the narrowing option at the front. This will allow women to wear this orthotics while wearing most types of heels.

Orthotics for Kids
Orthotics can be beneficial for children in need of additional support and a solid foundation to their feet and legs. Our custom orthotics for kids has standardized cushioning that is more durable. A full length orthotic is recommended to avoid any sliding issues inside their shoes.

There is no exact age to get an orthotic for children. However, as a general rule, if the orthotic is not a necessity, meaning there are no structural problems causing biomechanical issues, then a child may be fit into orthotics starting at 7 years old. If there are severe biomechanical issues such as clubfoot, please consult with our chiropractorabout appropriate treatment.

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Our professional caregiver will evaluate your condition to design and provide an orthotic that is appropriate for your specific needs. We also offer compression stockings alleviate discomfort and damage caused by age, poor circulation, ill-fitting shoes or other factors. Please contact us with any questions or concerns you might have, or to request an appointment at our office.


Does my insurance cover orthotics?

Most health benefit plans include orthotics. If you are unsure or unaware of your coverage, please contact our office administrator and they will be able to help you find out the details.

What's the difference between custom orthotics and over the counter orthotics?

Over the counter orthotics are designed for patients with no flat feet, arch problems, or misalignment in the body. Usually, this type of orthotics only work for very mild aches. On the contrary, custom orthotics are casted and molded to the exact size of a patient’s feet and they are 100% customizable.

Who benefits from orthotics?

Everybody can benefit from wearing orthotics! If you suffer from foot pain, leg pain, lower back pain, hips pain, scoliosis, and more, orthotics can definitely help you.

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