A TENS machine is a portable stimulation device that is commonly recommended to patients with chronic musculoskeletal pain. This device comes with different channels with electrodes for each channel. They can be placed anywhere in the body to treat localized pain in one or multiple areas simultaneously.

The TENS unit helps in pain control and reduction by blocking nerve signals in damaged body tissue. The reduction of pain may assist with range of motion and overall function of dysfunctional anatomical structures.

This device can be used at home or office at their own time. We can teach you how to use it and adjust its setting according to your condition or pain, and the progress being made in treatment.


What can be treated with this Machine?

The TENS is a complementary treatment for any joint and muscle issues that a patient may have. It is most commonly used with patients who suffer from low back pain, shoulder injuries, neck pain, ankle sprains, and knee injuries.

Does my insurance cover TENS unit?

Usually its fully or partially covered by extended health benefit plans. If you are unsure about your coverage, please contact any of our office administrators for assistance.

Is there any restriction for using a TENS?

Yes. It is recommended to NOT place the electrodes on the groin area, on the face, around the eyes, and on the throat. Similarly, patients who have undergone a surgery and have open wounds or have metal inside their body cannot use this device.

What happens if the electrodes are damaged?

The electrodes are very easy to replace. If any of the electrodes are damaged, you can purchase new ones directly from us. Simple call us and let us know you need some new electrodes for your device.

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