Workplace Injury (Wsib) Treatments

If you have been injured at work, depending on the circumstances, you may be eligible for coverage for your treatment through the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB). In order to be covered for treatment, you must have reported your injury to your workplace as soon as possible after the injury occurred, and filled out the Form 6 from WSIB, (Worker’s Report of Injury) as soon as you receive it from WSIB. Your workplace must be covered by WSIB- some are not, please check with your workplace to see if they are covered by WSIB. Lastly, you must seek treatment from a health care provider-who is registered to treat WSIB injuries.

If you would like more information about whether you may be covered by WSIB for your injury, please call one of our offices today. We can help to guide you through the process. It is important to seek treatment for your injury quickly! A physiotherapist at our office can assess you as early as the same day as injury if you are unable to see your family doctor first.

How do I proceed with my WSIB rehabilitation claim?

  • Inform your employer of your workplace injury. Once you have a health claim initiated with WSIB we can take care of the rest.
  • Call us to book an initial assessment. In your first session, the Registered Physiotherapist will examine your workplace related injury, determine the best course of treatment and will discuss with you the best treatment plan moving forward. We will collect all the necessary information to fill out and submit a WSIB rehabilitation insurance claim (form 8) on your behalf and begin treatment immediately.
  • Your treatment plan and recovery. Follow-up appointments will be booked to fit your schedule. These appointments will incorporate a wide range of therapeutic modalities as appropriate including Manual Therapy, Ultrasound, TENS, Acupuncture, Massage and Exercise. Our objective is to use all of our available resources to get you better as fast as possible.
  • Focus on getting better. We will work on your behalf to manage all reporting and documentation required for your claim to ensure that you get all the necessary treatment you need.
  • We can also complete Functional Ability Forms (FAF) for WSIB to allow you to return to work on modified duties if that is suitable with respect to your injury

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